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Testimonials – Hayley PT Personal Trainer


Sophie Tilly

Having Hayley as my personal trainer has been one of the best investments I have ever made! However it was not a decision easily made. It literally took me months of back and forth should I, shouldn’t I’s until I finally plucked up the courage to go for it. During this indecisive stage Hayley was already there for me every step of the way. Hayley is so kind, non-judgemental, supportive and encouraging.

I originally decided I needed a personal trainer because I had hit 30 and my body was not what it used to be. I used to be active as a child/teenager, I was a dancer and surfed on a regular basis. As university and work commitments took over, I did less and less towards my own health. My Mum has suffered with illness all her life and this was another big motivator for me to take control of my health. Apart from that I have a major life change rapidly approaching, I am moving out to the Caribbean to join my boyfriend who moved out there to work (I should mention I have only seen him once for a weekend in over a year!) I literally have all the motivation in the world to make a chance, it was now or never!

My initial goal was to loose weight and tone up to be bikini ready. That is still my goal and I am working towards it every day at my own pace, however my goal has been extended since I started training and this is not just a quick fix, it is my new way of life! What Hayley has done is help me build up from the very basics for nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes so I am able to and want to train on my own.

I very soon realized that more importantly Hayley has helped me with the psychological barriers which have held me back for so many years. The, ‘I can’t do it because…(fill in your excuses)…’ Overcoming challenges that have restricted me in the past, helping me to see that it’s not scary and nothing bad is going to happen to me! Let me tell you, what a relief to find out NO ONE laughed at me when I went for a run! Imagine that! All this time spent worrying and finally the fears disappeared.

Important to mention, Hayley also worked closely with me to overcome an injury from a car accident. She tailor made a program for me. Her attention to detail, knowledge combined with her zest for life and happy personality really makes it a pleasure to train with her…not saying she’s a push over though, she will kick my butt when I need it! ? In all seriousness, I owe her a great deal ‘Thank You Hayley for helping me become a better version of myself’. For anyone reading this and thinking they can’t do it….seriously if I can do it, you can do it too. If Hayley can help me, she can definitely help you! Go for it and I wish you all the very best for your new, confident and happy life :) xx


Hayley has had a major impact on my life a couple of times! The first time met Hayley a few years ago I knew she was the right person to take the incredibly unfit, overweight and massively self conscious me in to a whole new world of training. Before working with Hayley I was terrified of the gym, embarrassed about exercising as everything wobbled…. but that didn’t last long! It certainly was not easily to start with, but Hayley really understands not only the physical requirements but also the psychological barriers which often hold us back.

Within no time Hayley had me in great shape, and doing things I never dreamt I could. Training with Hayley truly changed by life. Initially we trained two or three times a week and the results were incredible. I had never been athletic before and I absolutely loved being fit, having much more energy let alone fitting in clothes I had dreamt about!

Hayley has an incredible talent for tapping in to you as a person, she always pushes me hard but knows I can do it, and she makes me want to work just that bit harder too.

I am so happy that Hayley and I are training again now, I absolutely love it, it makes such a difference – not only my fitness and my shape but also to my stress management and confidence. Hayley helps me set goals and achieve them each time. Hayley is highly skilled, personally driven and really cares about her clients – she invests so much in helping you achieve your goals. Hayley’s approach is truly holistic and I know it really works!

I can’t recommend Hayley highly enough! She is totally fantastic and you want to get fit, have fun doing it she is definitely the person to call.

Louise Major

Training with Hayley, transformed my life completely. I’d always worked-out and considered myself to be reasonably fit but was not getting the results I wanted. I decided it was time to seek expert advice/training and within a month of training with Hayley, my body/fitness has evolved in so many ways. Hayley pushed me to a whole new fitness level that I hadn’t experienced before and taught me how to effectively weight train to get the results I wanted. I followed all of Hayley’s training plans exactly and within 6 months of training with her twice a week and 2-3 times a week on my own; my body had completely transformed. I lost cm’s from my waist, arms, hips, thighs and my overall fitness had greatly increased. My body looked athletic, toned and slender; everything I’d been looking to achieve for years but hadn’t managed to on my own.

It is clear Hayley really cares about her clients. She invests heavily in your wellbeing/health, not only in the gym but also on a daily basis at home; regularly checking in to see how you are getting on with your training/eating plan. From the very beginning Hayley requests that you keep a food diary and keeps track of the foods you are eating – advising what should be changed in your diet to achieve the desire results.

I owe a lot to Hayley for changing my fitness outlook for life. I learnt that fitness/eating well is a lifestyle choice and something that you should enjoy and not reflect on as inconvenience. Feeling good about yourself affects all aspects of your life and in my experience Hayley has helped me succeed in many other areas. I now look forward to working-out and maintaining the results, Hayley helped me to achieve.

Thank you, lovely Hayley.

Jo Tongue

I met Hayley at my gym a few months ago- and she has made me feel both inspired and at home ever since. As a regular exerciser I had failed to lose weight, or change my shape for years. Somehow Hayley has changed all that. From her tailored sessions to her advice to her positivity she has helped me no end. No session is the same and so I never get bored. She is great company and makes you feel comfortable, and even positive about your body hang ups- i.e. that you can change them.

She has a great energy and aura about her which makes you look forward to early morning sessions rather than the usual dread! Thank you is all I can say.


My story starts about ten years ago, after suffering from 4 rear impact road traffic accidents, I put on weight, after trying the usual diets and exercise plans –which all failed I went to the GP for help.

She sent me to a ‘specialist’ at Wimborne Hospital just before Christmas, who told me ‘it’s simple, you exercise more & eat less’ – I retorted ‘Don’t you think I’ve tried that!’ She then sent me away and told me to make an appointment after the silly season as I’m bound to eat badly over Christmas and New Year. As you can imagine I complained to my GP.

She then sent me to a Dietician at Poole Hospital, who told me to cut out Carbs, I got very depressed and I was crying a lot for no reason and was very tired. She explained that would be the restricted diet – you should increase your carb intake. I felt she was giving me contradictory guidance.

The GP then sent me for blood work, I was then monitored under the Endocrinology Team as I had Impaired Glucose Tolerance. I joined several NHS weight loss clinics all without success. One group suggested I wasn’t eating enough – so I followed their eating plan and put weight on – her response ‘well, what do you expect, you are eating more!’
As you might appreciate my mood was low, so the GP suggested I join QE Leisure Centre under the ‘Way of Life’ exercise program – I attended for years without significant weight loss.

C Laban

I first met Hayley at a local gym I was thinking of joining. For personal reasons I had put on a lot of weight. I am 5 foot 8 and was weighing 12 stone! Hayley was immediately friendly and easy-going. She showed me around the gym and then chatted to me about having a personal trainer. I jumped at the chance. I naturally am very sporty, but was so upset with myself for becoming so overweight. I desperately wanted to do something about it!

So Hayley became my personal trainer……. and that is where the fun started!

I saw her twice a week, and we got on so well. She was brilliant, focused and tough on me. Forcing me to do specific core and cardiovascular exercises. But it was all such good fun – painful but enjoyable. And it worked! After about 4 months I had lost two stone, and had my athletic physic back! It was tough, but fun and it worked!

Not only is Hayley a brilliant, skilled and driven personal trainer. She gives you the results you want. But she is also great fun to work with in the gym. We would spend hours gossiping in the gym, at the same time as going through a tough personal training regime. And it improved my fitness, got me the body I wanted, and introduced me to a brilliant personal trainer.

If you want to improve your fitness, lose weight, and have fun – call Hayley!!


Sam Mac

My story begins when I was in the worst state of my life! I had moved to London a few years earlier to pursue a career in dance and acting. This didn’t go to plan so I got a normal office job. Which was fine until the sudden change in lifestyle took its toll…

I had never had to watch what I ate before because of all the dance. The result? Size 8 to size 14 in just two years!! I had no idea about training or eating right – when I did do some research it seemed complicated and confusing. I would then use this as an excuse and put it aside as ‘one day I’ll sort this’. I was kidding myself. The weight gain and change in career was hard on me. I was used to being the sexy dancer! This all resulted in me feeling down and eating more. My only happiness became food. At my worst I would order two portions of kebab and chips to take away then pretend it was for two people – ordering two sets of forks, two drinks etc.!!!

This all changed when, by chance, I met Hayley. We were chatting over email as I was organising a guest list at work and I noticed her email signature said ‘Personal Trainer’ – as the ice had been broken with her I felt confident to ask about it……….. before I knew it I was down the park in the rain doing boxing and burpees!

Her sessions are exciting and fun. She pushes and encourages you. You work towards goals and its different every time. You learn about food and what to do so you can go off on your own and continue to do it forever! Its life style changing not dieting.

Almost three years on – I now am still in the best shape ever. Size 8 again but this time with strong lean toned muscles! I am a member of two gyms and am training for the Bournemouth Marathon. Next year I am hoping to do a personal training course myself. Fitness and nutrition is now my hobby!!!!!

Everything started with that one week with Hayley that gave me the knowledge, motivation, inspiration, confidence and power to make the change………

Thank you Hayleeeeeeeeeeeey!


Kylie C

I worked with Hayley PT online for 10 weeks before my wedding. Obviously every bride wants to look the best and feel the best on their wedding day and this is exactly what happened. After losing around 30kg over many years on various diets, I thought I knew everything there was to know about weight-loss. However, I was plateauing for a very long time and just kept plodding along thinking what I was doing was right.

I gave Hayley my food diary for a week and immediately she saw where I was going wrong and completely revamped my nutrition. I dropped 3kg in the first week – the results speak for themselves. After taking on-board Hayley’s suggestions, I was eating the right foods to fuel my body and the foods I was eating even dispelled the cravings I got for junk food.

I will always remember what Hayley said to me in our introductory session she said “If you do what I say, you will see results”. This is exactly what I did, I took on board every suggestion she made and in 10 weeks I dropped just over 8kg. This was the most I had lost in the last 2 years!

I also want to add that I have degenerative disc disease which means the discs in my lower back have shrunk. This causes me great pain sometimes especially after particular workouts. The workouts she set for me were personalised and she checked in many times a week making sure my back was okay and if I did experience any pain post workout, she would analyse what exercise I had done and suggest alternatives.

Not only did I lose a lot of weight working with Hayley, I also gained much more knowledge on nutrition and exercise. Knowledge that is still helping me with my workouts and nutrition today.

I highly recommend working with Hayley PT whether it’s online training or face to face. The encouragement, support and motivation that I received from her throughout the programme and afterwards is something that’s very hard to find.