The Kick-Starter

10 Sessions – “The Kick-Starter”

  • Discuss and set goals with your trainer to establish your short term goals and a realistic time frame to work towards reaching it
  • For example, you have a holiday coming up, or you are desperate to fit into a smaller dress or pair of jeans, or you’d love to challenge yourself in something you’ve never done before such as a 5k or 10k race, it’s your birthday coming up or new year is almost here again!
  • Establish a new fitness regime suited to your ability, break old habits and form new habits to get the lifestyle you ultimately would like
  • Tailored workout plans will be provided incorporating various training methods such as cardio intervals to increase your fitness, or resistance supersets to increase your muscle memory, circuits to help burn that fat away, to keep you enjoying the sessions and providing you with knowledge on various techniques and training routines
  • There will be no time for boredom with the variety of workouts provided

Available in London and Bournemouth Call: 07774 310993

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