The Body & Beach Transformer

21 Sessions – “The Body and Beach Transformer”

  • Get more than just a ‘kick-start’ in the right direction, start seeing the results
  • Your body will start making changes, whether it be a decrease in your body fat, or an increase in your muscle mass or a leap in your physical fitness – SEE and FEEL the difference
  • A variation of training will keep you pushing through what you thought were your limits, your body’s capabilities will be challenged and enjoy the start of a clear transition from the old to the new
  • You will make physical changes that are for the long term, you are in this for the long haul!
  • You will achieve more than a quick fix and see a long lasting affect from your training
  • Short and long term goals will be set to keep you motivated, excited and enthusiastic about your training
  • You see a physical change to your body, and a mental change to your state of mind, that combined, will provide you with the will power to continue with your new lifestyle changes
  • Your results will be noticed whether it be through how you feel, how you look, your performance during sessions and during your everyday life
  • Your new changes are now your new habits, you no longer have to think or fight that urge from temptation, you have a routine established and the old habits have been broken completely
  • You naturally enjoy working out and love the benefits that it gives you, you will, “Love Your Lifestyle” with Hayley PT

Available in London and Bournemouth Call: 07774 310993

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