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Your Personal Trainer – Hayley PT Personal Trainer

Your Personal Trainer


Are you looking for?

• Fat loss and less inches
• Re-shaping and conditioning your body
• Fitness and cardio-vascular endurance
• Muscle strengthening and sculpting
• Core strength and flexibility
• Correct technique and posture
• Lifestyle changes and creating new habits
• Nutritional advice and meal plans to fit in with your daily routine and to suit your body type
• Abdominal and core muscles and how to look and feel great in your own skin

If so….this is for you! Contact me and discuss exactly how to get started today!

I have been qualified and in the Fitness Industry since 2005, and have had many fantastic success stories! See my Testimonials tab on the Home Page.

Twin Training Packages – “Body Blast with a Buddy”

Some people just do not like to workout alone. Some people know someone who needs to make changes to their health but who are too afraid to start alone. Some people are bored just at the very thought of exercise. Blast your body with a friend. I am now offering twin training packages, sessions for 2 people at a time. Please ‘Contact Us’ for more information if you would like to workout with a friend, family member, partner or colleague. GROUP TRAINING also available!

*FREE CONSULTATION with all Hayley PT Sessions and Packages.

*All sessions are a duration of 60 minutes.

Online Training Packages also available, please click here for more information