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Online Training Plans Now Available

After a number of enquires, I am pleased to advise that I am now also offering Online Personal Training due to high demand.  I will always be available through email correspondence to answer your questions and there are options for Skype calls and demonstrations where needed.  This is a service I have offered in the past, with many clients achieving great success. If you are motivated, dedicated and focused you will be able to achieve great results and get the full benefit of having elite online coaching and 24/7 support.

What is HayleyPT-Online?

Essentially, HayleyPT-Online offers the same process as having personal training sessions like goal setting and an expert workout program provided tailored to reach your goal.  The crucial difference is I will not be there with you when you workout.


Hayley PT 1 to 1Training

Hayley PT 1 to 1Training

HayleyPT or HayleyPT-Online?

HayleyPT-Online if any of the following apply to you:
  • You have experience of a regular exercise program but you are looking for a new style of training
  • You have knowledge of correct form and technique
  • You are already motivated and the above apply to you but you struggle with commitment to meet a trainer face to face due to lack of time
  • You can only workout at home, or financially you need a cheaper alternative than having a personal trainer
  • Your current exercise plan is working but you are looking for nutritional advice and weekly meal plans
  • You are a frequent traveller or you are unable to commit to a set in stone routine and are in need of some ‘home’ or ‘I can do anywhere workouts’
  • You have completed your HayleyPT packages and have hit your goal but are looking for a way to still maintain with a little assistance
HayleyPT if the following apply to you:
  • I am a beginner and have never done exercise before
  • I have a goal but for some reason I have still not reached it
  • I plan workouts but regularly skip them due to lack of time, laziness or lack of motivation
  • I am motivated but lack knowledge of correct form and technique
  • I am not motivated and although online training will still provide elite workouts and expert nutritional advice, I know I am the type of person who needs that personal 1 2 1 experience, 100% focus and accountability to always show up to a session booked in the diary
  • I want to leave the planning of sessions to the professional and all I need to do is show up and perform the workout

All HayleyPT-Online packages include a full Training Program and a Nutritional Consultation to accompany it.  Depending on what package you choose, will depend on how much online assistance is provided.  This should be decided based upon the points listed above  and your current knowledge and experience of HOW to move forward to reach your goal!


HayleyPT-Online Plans

BRONZE – Initial Coaching

  • Fitness Consultation and goal setting
  • Nutritional Consultation and nutritional advice
  • Initial Fitness and Lifestyle Assessment
  • Tailored training program
  • Email correspondence to answer your questions and ideas regarding your plan



SILVER – Monthly Coaching*

Includes the Bronze content plus the following:

  • New goal setting every month to keep you freshly motivated for the next 4 weeks
  • New meal plans every month to keep your diet balanced and ensure your body is responding to your nutrition plan
  • Fitness and Lifestyle Analysis every month to watch and record your progress
  • New tailored training program every month to prevent plateaus and keep your body responding to your workout
  • Daily email correspondence and one 45 minute Skype call each month to review and assess your workouts and nutrition plan every 4 weeks
  • *Minimum 3 months required



GOLD – Premium Coaching* 

Includes the Gold content plus the following:

  • Short term and Long term goal planning
  • 7 day Meal Plans
  • Fitness and Lifestyle Analysis with Online weekly ‘weigh ins’
  • New tailored training program every month with additional workouts provided for more diversity and quicker results
  • Daily email correspondence and two 45 minute Skype calls every month to review and asses your workouts and nutrition plan every 2 weeks
  • *Minimum 6 months required


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