Hayley PT-NutritionNow

Do you want to know:  What to eat, When to eat, Why you eat?

Many people have a relationship with food that they can’t, or simply don’t want to understand.  You may eat too much or hardly eat at all, or you were possibly brought up where excess eating is a daily habit.  Your knowledge on nutrition will have an impact on your food choices whether you admit it or not.  You may think you are eating well, but perhaps still find it hard to lose body fat.  It is possible you are slowing down your metabolism without realising it.  Your emotions could be controlling what you eat, why you eat and having a negative affect on your body.  Your immune system may need a boost and your health can be optimised through the right foods if you are shown what they are.

The list can go on, but ultimately whatever your relationship is with food, HayleyPT-NutritionNow will help you address what your weakness is when it comes to your nutrition and eating habits.  It is all very relative to You, Your daily routine, Your lifestyle and Your body’s responses and chemical reactions to what you eat.  Everyone is different, genetics play a huge part, but lifestyle choices have a huge impact on the changes you can physically make.  Exercise is known to have a positive affect on us psychologically and physically, and if you master your food intake alongside it, you will speed up the results you are looking for.


Is Hayley PT-NutritionNow for you?    

Are you:

  • happy with your food choices?
  • unsure or guilty of your portion sizes?
  • a ‘yo-yo’ dieter?
  • bored of diets and fads that don’t work?

Do you:

  • get that sweet tooth craving during the day that you can’t seem to stop or change?
  • have signs of being a comfort eater or suffer from boredom binging?
  • have an unbalanced diet-too much fat and not enough fruit, or too many carbs and not enough protein?  Do you know the difference?
  • suffer from bloating, fatigue, dips in your energy levels throughout the day, workout but feel an increase in appetite after and are not sure why?


  • hungry are you when you eat or do you sometimes eat for the sake of it?
  • do you feel after you eat?
  • are your eating patterns and how regularly do you eat?
  • much are you wanting or needing to change your eating habits to suit your lifestyle and daily routine in order to achieve great changes and results?

Hayley PT-NutritionNow Program includes:

  • Initial Nutritional Consultation-address your current eating patterns, food choices, cravings, weaknesses, habits and taste preferences followed by goal setting and forward planning
  • Food diary-detailed analysis of your daily food consumption and food groups, such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, fruit and vegetables to find out what you are lacking, over consuming and how balanced your meals are.  Hayley PT-NutritionNow will provide you with knowledge on the different food groups, what their properties are, the vitamin and mineral content and benefits to the body
  • Lifestyle analysis-a clear breakdown of your everyday routine with focus on work, home, family and social life, children and financial situation, and how sedentary or active you are.  This analysis will address any factors and variables that have an influence on your lifestyle and will enable you to remove any reasons, excuses or barriers one by one to allow a clear mind to plan ahead for the changes you want to create and feel the difference from
  • Meal Plans-provided with simple meal plans that will help you reach your goal, fit into your routine, and still allow you the lifestyle you want.  Based on your time you have available to prepare your meals, how active you are, what your goal is and to enable a balance between healthy well being and still able to eat out for social occasions without it hindering your progress
  • Exercise and Nutrition Combo-professionally designed workouts for your body type and your goals, matched with a nutrition plan expertly designed to fuel your training, re-fuel your body and boost your health and immune system and give you high energy levels for the whole day
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Advice-depending on what Hayley PT-NutritionNow Program you opt for, you will have available help and advice, answers to any questions and constant motivation to keep you going on your journey to feeling better on the inside, and looking better on the outside


If you would like answers to any of the above, a solution to any of the above, or would like more information on any of the above, then Contact me now for more on your Hayley PT-NutritionNow Program!