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About Hayley PT

It’s plain and simple, I love what I do and I love to help others love it too. I know what works, and what will get you those results! I will listen to what it is you want, I shall tell you how it can be achieved and why it IS possible.

When you understand why we eat a specific meal because it will affect your mood or energy levels later on that day, you will want to stick to those types of food recommended.

When you understand why a certain exercise will help you to drop your body fat percentage, you will want to do that exercise. I have the knowledge and you have the goal, put the two together and you will have the results!!

If you need motivation, you now have it. If you need a reason, it’s because you can. If you need to take your first step, do it now.

Improve your mind, love your body, and use my simple, effective and fun nutrition and exercise sessions to get there. My mission is simple:

“To help as many as possible to ‘Love Your Lifestyle’.
Live every day the way you want to, be the person you want to be, and create the body and mind you want to have.”

Hayley Personal Trainer




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